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Feasibility Studies

A detailed feasibility study can help investors and managers better understand the project at hand. Nurture has substantial experience in helping investors translate their business ideas into reality through feasibility studies and development of bankable proposals in accordance with the highest business standards and demands of financial institutions. We have established excellence and trusted capabilities for executing large and complex feasibility studies.

Our approach in preparing a feasibility study is well customized to your business idea and scope. In general, we research and analyze relevant demand factors, demand projections, supply, market size, competition, demand supply gaps and customized marketing strategies to launch your product. Then we thoroughly evaluate and present technical and financial aspects to enable investors see the viability of their project idea both technically and financially.

At Nurture, we have successfully carried out a number of feasibility studies for international and domestic investors.

Business Plans

Accurate Business Plan is the foundation for every business or investment plan. Nurture conducts comprehensive business plan and can help you gain a much deeper understanding of: Market Opportunities, Prospects, Competitors, Financial projections and many more.

Company Formation and Management

At Nurture Consulting, it is our core activity to help investors in company formation and management. We provide a 360 and all rounded company formation services to form any types of business entity under Ethiopian business law.

If you plan to form any types of business in Ethiopia, Nurture will be your right partner who can assist you getting the company you need to make your business.

Private Equity Investment Advisory

Nurture helps investors that make investments directly into private companies or conduct buyouts. Local small to mid-size manufacturing companies seeking equity investments are among the targets for equity investments.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

As the Environmental Impact Assessment of your proposed investment is a basic requirement in Ethiopia, we can assist you in getting things done by preparing a detailed EIA for your subsequent investment decisions. We also advise our clients in location analysis and site selection in order to avoid unforeseen difficulties.

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